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"I highly reccommend this course to anyone interested in taking this journey into the art of guitar making. It could change your life!"

- Boetie Toerien - Flamenco African Style - Casimi Guitar Building Course -
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“Alive in the forest, I was cut by the cruel axe, in death I sweetly sing.”
(Inscription on a medieval lute)
Handmade guitar back bracingStudents crafting their acoustic guitars
Every year we run acoustic guitar building courses covering the whole process of making your own dream guitar from drawing-board to finish. There are a maximum of six places available on each course, so it is worthwhile booking well in advance.

There are three options:
- 18 Month part-time
- 9 Month condensed part-time
- 12 Week full-time intensive

The workshop is a relaxed, sociable, yet highly perfectionist and concentrated environment. As the year progresses, new friends are made, memorable moments are shared and much exiting learning, stretching of body and mind, eating of pizza and drinking of coffee is undertaken. By the end of all this a miraculous birth takes place as your new guitar is ceremoniously ‘strung up’ for the very first time and its voice is heard at last.
Matthias and Matthew guide you through the process with great care, experience, humor and attention to detail. All our students leave our courses having created a top quality instrument. For the next hundred years that guitar will mature like a good wine and will sound more beautiful with each passing year. Who knows, maybe five hundred may pass before it grows silent once again.

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