About Us
Built by musicians for musicians

"I have been absolutely knocked out with the tone and build quality of these beautiful instruments. The Casimi sound is rich and full with amazing sustain and exceptional power. The C2 model in particular is frankly scary..."
- Michael Watts : The North American Guitar -

"Casimi Guitars offer a seamless harmony of forward-thinking technology and handmade perfection. Within seconds you realise playing these instruments opens a vast world of possibilities. From rich tonal colours, to projection. From meticulous and consistent balance, to impeccable design. Casimi Guitars are an inspired fusion of the Old World and the New. For me, all these elements translate into a guitar of Ancient Future."
- Guy Buttery -

The Casimi Guitars team brings together an exciting combination of traditional authenticity and creative contemporary design to produce some of the worlds finest hand made acoustic guitars. Rare tone woods and precious materials are combined with uniquely sensuous form and inlay to produce guitars of exceptional quality, both in tone and aesthetics.