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Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice with his personal handbuilt electric guitar Starkravingsane
Matthew Rice is co owner of Casimi Guitars cc. He is a professional musician, designer fine artist and woodworker.
He began his musical life in 1991 studying piano in England at age 12. He was immediately drawn to composition and wrote his first songs within that year.
In 1994 at age 16 he returned to South Africa and began teaching himself to play guitar. Having always had a passion for the instrument. Two years later he built himself his first electric guitar.
Since 2000 he has written, co arranged and co produced two albums. His songs and compositions have been featured on several documentaries and TV programs (cooked season one and two, orange unplugged and others)
He is better known for his work as songwriter and front man for the band starkravingsane, which, under its own label, has continued to influence and inspire the acoustic music scene in Cape Town and abroad since 2001.
Matthew also studied jewellery design and fashion design and worked as jewellery designer and manufacturer for three years before apprenticing with Maingard guitars in 2007. He specialized in inlay design and work and was responsible for all the inlay work there from 2009 till 2012.
He also designed and built his second guitar there under the guidance of Matthias Roux (luthier at Maingard guitars 2000 to 20011) and since then has assisted Mathias in building over 50 guitars.
Matthew continues to design and execute inlay work for Casimi guitars and is a company director, designer and inlay specialist as well as assistant Luthier and musical consultant at Casimi Guitars, his and Matthias Roux’s brainchild.

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